Promote vital education initiatives.

PROMOTE vital education initiatives and free children’s programming, 
enhanced Visitor Services and family friendly special events, as well as unique historical, 
literary and cultural education programs and traveling resource materials for teachers, 
students and the visiting public.

Protect the park for future generations to enjoy.

PROTECT the park’s unique cultural and literary artifacts, landscapes, and trails for all to access, share and for future generations to enjoy.

PRESERVE the beautiful land, buildings, goat herd breeding program, 
botanical and horticultural assets of the park for all to enjoy and for future generations.

We love the goats, but the Friends organization is NOT the people who care for the Park goats. We do provide funds to support the goats and acquire new goats for the herd. If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering with the goats or any other activity or location at the Park, please contact the Park Headquarters at 828-693-1478.